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Pizzeria Casa Mia

Pizza Casa Mia is located in the very heart of Santa Marina Holiday Village and along with Pool 2 was completely renovated at the beginning of 2023.

Address: 8130 Sozopol, Bulgaria

Viva Mare Fish & Grill

Viva Mare is an elegant Mediterranean restaurant on two levels, with a lovely spacious terrace and spectacular sea views.

Address: 8130 Sozopol, Bulgaria

Marina Beach Bar

Marina Beach Bar is located near the northern entrance of Santa Marina Holiday Village and is just a 10 minute walk from the old town of Sozopol.

Address: 8130 Sozopol, Bulgaria

Apollonia Restaurant

Apollonia Restaurant is located next to the main entrance and the reception of Santa Marina Holiday Village. The restaurant serves Balkan cuisine.

Address: 8130 Sozopol, Bulgaria

Patisserie, Bakery & Pool bars

Santa Marina Holiday Village has three pool bars, located at Pools - 1, 2, 3 and a patisserie.

Address: 8130 Sozopol, Bulgaria


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